The 15 Unequivocal Laws of Sales Part 3



Archived Webinar – This course covers:

  1. The Law of Building Trust: People gravitate to someone who can navigate them to the right place. Great sales are the result of becoming a “business growth expert.” The more we are trusted for advice, the we are seen as authoritative and the more we sell.
  2. The Law of The Purple Cow:Uniqueness is our Number One marketing value. People buy from us when we stand out and make a difference in their lives and businesses. Find something unique that you do or give that makes you stand out from the rest.
  3. The Law of Chick-Fil-A:To be bigger, we must get better. Your best prospects are happy, satisfied, loyal, key, frequent, existing clients. Get them to work for you. “Don’t worry about getting bigger. Get better and the customers will make us bigger.”
  4. The Law of “Let’s Make a Deal:” People buy with their heart, not their head. Always be willing to negotiate in good faith and build value into the deal. Become a resource for more than what the customer expects.
  5. The Law of The Price Tag: When we pay the price on the front end, the cost is less on the back end. There is a price to be paid to be successful. The higher the success, the greater the price. Building trust and adding value rewards are greater.


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