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The 2019 The Group Insider Membership will give you lifetime access to 12 featured courses; one new piece of content each month, including HD Broadcasts! Also, from now to the end of 2019, your shop will receive additional discounts off other courses. Courses in this bundle are all premium content designed for the professional technician and/or service writer. Each class comes with a Post Test and Certificate of Completion.



LBT-342 Reprogramming and Flashing

This course will cover j2534 programming and OEM programming. Also, the different types of pitfalls you may encounter when going through the reprogramming process.

LBT-344 Euro Wiring Diagrams

This class will help unravel the mysterious format in the EURO DIN wiring diagrams! We will cover Tips and Techniques to trace that circuit across the many pages that are common in this type of wiring diagram, allowing you to have a road map to get a handle on the problem.

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