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The 2019 The Group Insider Membership will give you access to 12 featured courses; one new piece of content each month, including HD Broadcasts, 5 Basic Essentials courses, a basic membership to the Automotive Management Network and one ASE Test Prep class of your choice (apply below)!  Courses in this bundle are all premium content designed for the professional technician and/or service writer. Each class comes with a Post Test and Certificate of Completion.

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LBT-342 Reprogramming and Flashing

This course will cover j2534 programming and OEM programming. Also, the different types of pitfalls you may encounter when going through the reprogramming process.

LBT-344 Euro Wiring Diagrams

This class will help unravel the mysterious format in the EURO DIN wiring diagrams! We will cover Tips and Techniques to trace that circuit across the many pages that are common in this type of wiring diagram, allowing you to have a road map to get a handle on the problem.

LBT-352 Bosch Start/Stop Technology Overview – Extended

Content will be available after April 1st The challenge of achieving 54 MPG by 2025 requires creative solutions and Start/Stop systems provide a cost effective, simple, and energy saving solution. Passenger cars equipped with Start/Stop systems have substantially lower fuel consumption – approximately 8% less than vehicles without Start/Stop systems. Start/Stop vehicles are already on […]

LBT-353 SMP Keeping It Cool – Extended

In this program, presented by Standard Motor Products director of Training Ryan Kooiman shows step-by-step procedures and a few tricks and tips to help technicians repair A/C systems right the first time. Several case studies are also featured.

LBT-363 Toyota Brands: Critical Scan Tool Analysis

Longtime AVI instructor Bill Fulton focuses this scan tool course on Toyota systems. Bill shows you how to quickly analyze data to get to the root of systematic issues, including using Global and Enhanced data to get your diagnostics started fast. O2 sensors, fuel trim data, MAF issues and more are discussed in several case studies regarding specific trouble codes.

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Automotive Management Network Membership

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