Repair Shop Coach – Car Count Weekly Training Bundle



Every week, Ron Ipach (aka Captain Car Count) will provide you tips, tricks, tactics, and strategies to help keep your shop filled with high-quality customers.


RSC-08 The 40-40-20 Rule of Marketing

Before the internet and availability of low-cost and free marketing options, savvy marketers developed the 40-40-20 Rule to insure that their expensive marketing campaigns would pay off. If you’re looking to tilt the marketing scales in your favor, you’ll want to apply these same rules to your marketing today.

RSC-09 Ask Every Customer

There are six vitally important questions that you must ask every customer that will double the effectiveness of your future marketing endeavors. I’ll tell you what they are and why it’s so important that you begin asking these questions right away.

RSC-10 Birds of a Feather

Wouldn’t it be great if we could clone our very best clients and only work with customers just like them? Today I’ll share with you the next best thing.


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