LBT-259 Catalyst Efficiency Diagnostics




Catalyst Efficiency Diagnostics

When making thetough decision on replacing a customers catalytic converter your diagnosis must be accurate.  This course on Catalyst Efficiency will help you understand the differences in catalytic converters and the related problems in those systems.   It will give you a thorough understanding of all the emission codes related to catalytic efficiency and what causes them.  The instructor Karl Schneider, a State Emissions Instructor will help you understand the principles, diagnosis and repair related to emission system failures.  It covers how catalytic converters work, the relationship of the gases and the computer strategies including;

– enabling criteria

– pending conditions

– up and down oxygen sensor diagnostics that lead to P0400 codes.

Karl will show you proven techniques on diagnosing, servicing, and cleaning or replacing catalytic converters that will be sure to save your shop hundreds of dollars and promote customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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