ASE-A6 Test Prep Electrical and Electronic Systems with Dave Hobbs




Updated to address the most recent ASE task list!

Just because you have worked with electrical systems before does not mean you are ready to take the ASE A6 test. Entering the ASE test center without being prepared is like a soldier entering enemy territory unarmed. AVI’s A6 Test Prep program lets you assess your electrical system expertise so you will know if you are ready for the real test.

Dave Hobbs that explains everything you need to know about the different subsystems of the electrical system. The AVI Study Guide is included with the package. This comprehensive A-6 preparation program is your surefire way pass the exam the first time.

Note: The A6 Test Prep Study Guide is NOT downloadable and may only be viewed online.

Runtime: 358 minutes

Course Objectives: 

  • Understand general automotive electrical and electronic systems and how to diagnose them
  • Categorized vehicle battery and starting system construction, and how to diagnose and repair them
  • Explain automotive charging systems, how they operate, and proper diagnostic and repair procedures
  • Summarize vehicular lighting systems and understand common issues that can arise with their operation
  • State the construct of vehcile instrument clusters and driver information systems, and understand the techniques to diagnose and repair them
  • Discuss vehicle body electrical systems and proper repair procedures