LBT-420 Talking Trucks – 6.7 Powerstroke No Start



Learn about some procedures you can use when you encounter a no start on the 6.7 Powerstroke. This course highlights concerns on the fuel system and injector return flow. Fuel system concerns could lead to a possible parts replacement that does not solve the problem. Regular no start procedures should be used along with a critical check of the low and high pressure fuel systems. Make sure you review this course for some 6.7 no start ideas and checks.

Topics Covered:

  • No start Causes
  • Preventing unneeded parts replacement
  • Servicing the no start cause and its effects
  • Fuel testing
  • Fuel return testing
  • Electrical concerns

Course Objectives:

Upon completion participant will be able to:

  • Discuss No start flow
  • Discuss Fuel system concerns
  • Discuss Fuel return flow
  • Discuss electrical concerns
  • Discuss PCM inputs

Runtime = 84 minutes

Credit Hours = 3.5


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