LBT-416 Talking Trucks – What You Need to Know About Diesel Fuels



This class, “Talking Trucks – What You Need to Know About Diesel Fuels,” is a must-attend for anyone servicing diesel fuel systems. Is a diesel fuel concern causing repeat comebacks to your shop? How many pumps and injectors does it take to repair a problem caused by the fuel? Is the diesel in the fuel tank contaminated? This course will cover proper diesel fuel testing and diagnostics your shop can perform at a very reasonable cost. Presented by ASE Master Technician Tom Rayk, the class will educate on validating fuel conditions before checking all aspects of the fuel delivery system, reviewing concerns on lift pumps, gear pumps, and high-pressure pumps. Step by step diesel system testing, diagnostics, and repairs will be demonstrated and discussed, teaching the technician methods to test all diesel fuel systems. The parts and test equipment demonstrated may look different, but most of the testing strategies are the same. We will cover and show examples of medium-duty through class 8 trucks. Diesel up and join us for this first in a series of heavy-duty diesel driveability classes.

Topics Covered:

  • Why diesel fuel testing is needed
  • Fuel testing techniques
  • Problems prevented
  • Asphaltenes
  • DEF testing
  • Required tools and equipment
  • First course in NEW Talking Truck series

Course Objectives:

Upon completion participant will be able to:

  • Discuss performing a proper specific gravity fuel test
  • Practice a water in fuel test
  • Summarize specific gravity charts
  • Explain Cetane values
  • Describe effective DEF testing

Runtime = 53 minutes

Credit Hours = 2.25


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