LBT-190 Ford Powerstroke: Hard Starts and No Starts with Mark DeKoster


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Whether you are an experienced diesel tech or a gasoline tech entering the world of diesels, this program has the information you need to diagnose the toughest hard start and no start issues. Former Ford factory trainer Mark DeKoster provides on overview of Ford’s ten-step procedure that is taught to Ford technicians. He explains why each step is needed, what you are looking for and when to proceed to the next step.

This class begins by explaining what a diesel needs to start and some of the steps that need to be done out of sequence. Mark provides need to know information on scan tool data monitoring with tips on the data you need to monitor while testing. He explains some of the tests you can do by looking at sensor PIDs on hard start/no start.

Mark explains oil pressure and fuel system tests with tips on what to look for and provides tips and results on gauge hook up. He also covers glow plug circuits and tests and explains the difference between the 6.0L and 7.3L for testing. This class is full of Ford inside tech tips that you cannot get anywhere else.

The program includes a supplemental manual that covers hard start & no start for 2001-2003 7.3L F250-F-550 and F650-F750, 2003-2008 6.0L and 2008-2009 6.4L. This book contains the step by step diagnostic procedure with a separate section for each engine family. The tests have detailed illustrations showing the test points, electrical plug locations for testing and charts and explains the purpose of each test and the recommended test procedure.

Runtime: 135 minutes

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