LBT-124 Ford 7.3L DIT Powerstroke Diagnostics with Mike Cleary


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J.D. Power and Associates estimates that by 2015, diesel powered vehicles will make up 10% of automotive market share. Diesel repair and maintenance has become increasingly difficult as more and more electrical components are used for engine operation. Get the diesel training you need today so that you can keep up with the growth in diesel technology and market share.

Mike Cleary, selected by Ford Motor Company to serve on Ford’s Technicians Advisory Committee, presents diesel diagnostics in a logical technicians approach. He teaches you how to quickly and efficiently diagnose and repair the electronic engine control systems of the Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel. The information in this program covers systems theory and operation, as well as the diagnostic strategies used to diagnose the various no start, hard start, and performance issues of this engine. Some of the more common fault codes are presented and discussed, as well as numerous technical tips to help you become proficient at diagnosis and repair.

Mike provides a complete overview of each system and how they work. The program also covers all testing procedures including cold start system, glow plug circuit, fuel system, and all major components including KOEO and KOER. This program gives you great insider tips that you will not find anywhere else

  • Hard start and no start testing tips and what is ESSENTIAL
  • Lots of time-saving diagnostic strategies and money-making tips!

Runtime: 120 minutes

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