LBT-283 The Diagnostic Approach with Ron Bilyeu




Drivability is the best customer friendly repair specialty to   master as most customers don’t have automotive   knowledge. Their complaints are usually in the form of   describing certain characteristics the vehicle takes on   when attempting to start, stop, cruise or reach high  speeds  on the highway. As a technician it is important to   be able to define abnormal vehicle behavior as described   by the customer and apply it to a comprehensive, well   thought out manner of diagnostics.

Successfully diagnosing a drivability issue can be as easy as understanding scan tool data, what modules relate to each other and why it’s important to retrieve codes on all modules. This course is taught by instructor and master data analyst Ron Bilyeu who will take you through a comprehensive approach to diagnosing drivability using computer data. Identify if the issue is breathing, fuel or ignition and how to diagnose using scan data for those systems. The information in this course can be applied to domestic and import applications.

This course was produced using the Modis Ultra Pro – data analytics and diagnostic processes can be applied to ANY aftermarket scanner.

Topics Covered:

  • Volumetric Efficiency Diagnosis
  • Positive and Negative Fuel Trim Faults & Conditions
  • Ignition System Diagnostics
  • Preliminary Diagnostics
  • Secondary Ignition Testing
  • Test Driving Diagnostics
  • 2007 Ford F-150 Case Study

Runtime: 1 Hour


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