Chrysler On-Board Diagnostics with Bill Fulton




Chrysler has been utilizing BUS circuits to determine the data collected from various electronic control modules at approximately the same time since the mid 80’s. Since the inception of Chrysler’s Chrysler Collision Detection Data Bus (CCD), the manufacturer has consistently been improving these networking systems and developing new ones in Chrysler On-Board Diagnostics presents a detailed diagnostics of CAN and Non-CAN compliant data communication networks on every Chrysler vehicle made after 1987.

Bill Fulton starts off with the earliest Chrysler Data BUS, the CCD. From there he moves onto the Programmable Communication Interface (PCI) system, the direct replacement for the CCD, and then finally onto the modern CAN compliant systems. Bill also addresses the unique SCI BUS circuit for the transmission control module and powertrain control module.order to achieve more precise sensor readings and troubleshooting information.

Bill uses a scan tool to show the different kind of information that can be pulled from each communications system from the global and enhanced sides of the OBD port.


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