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609 Certification

The 609 certification test is offered through MACS. By clicking the picture to the right, you will be leaving The Group Training Academy and redirected to the MACS website where you will you need log in and follow their instructions.

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Basic Essentials Learning Path Bundle

Are you an automotive technician that is just starting out? This Specialized Basic Essentials Learning Path Bundle will help you gain the knowledge you nee ...

LS-52B MACS 2017 Mobile A/C Update Manual

MACS 2017 Mobile A/C Update Manual


R-1234yf Online Training

This training program consists of three short videos hosted by Paul DeGuiseppi, former manager of service training for the Mobile Air Conditioning Society ...

LS-35 MACS 2016 Mobile A/C Update

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM- There’s a lot to know in the ever-changing world of Mobile A/C, and MACS and AVI have got you covered! What’s up with this new ref ...

LBT-272 MACS A/C Temperature Testing

MACS A/C Temperature Testing This is a fast-paced, hour-long training class on determining variations in refrigerant charge using precise measurements ...

ASE-A7 Test Prep Heating and Air Conditioning with Dave Hobbs

Veteran Delphi instructor Dave Hobbs and Team AVI help you keep your cool bringing you up to speed on heating, cooling and A/C systems so you can ace y ...

LBT-224 A/C Best Recommended Practices with Bob Pattengale

Automotive Video presents a brand new training program on air conditioning fundamentals with Bosch Field Sales Technical Trainer Bob Pattengale. Tod ...

LBT-227 Why J2788 Standard with Bob Pattengale

What if you could save 30 minutes each day in the shop? Do you have some areas in the shop where you might be wasting a little bit of time? You might h ...

LBT-228 Mastering Hybrid HVAC Systems with Dave Hobbs

In this program, Instructor Dave Hobbs teaches you hands-on fundamentals to servicing Hybrid A/C systems. Advance your diagnostic strategies by underst ...

LBT-188 MACS AC Clinic with Paul DeGuiseppi


This program shows you how reprogramming and re flashing fits into the world of A/C. It covers hose repair and hose making, new tools such as new leak detectors and J-2788 and new refrigerants and systems on the horizon. Paul also provides over 30 minutes of MACS quick tips including the cooling systems affect on A/C, import testing, diesel, fan clutches and more.