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Brakes & Wheel Bearings

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Product Knowledge

Mahle: Markings on a Bearing

Bill McKnight discusses the marking on the back of a Clevite bearing and what they mean. Runtime: 3:22

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Mahle: Indentifying a Main Set

Bill explains how to figure out the part number of a bearing from the main set using the number from an individual bearing. Runtime: 2:38

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Mahle: Diesel Bearings

Bill Explains the race car diesel bearings offering at Clevite. Runtime: 2:33

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Mahle: Bearing Lubrication

Bill talks about bearing lubrication, oil film thickness and bearing clearance and how all three work together to make a happy engine. Runtime: 3:03

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Mahle: Understanding Bearing Failures

Bill discusses the two most common causes of bearing failures and distinguishes between failure and distress. Runtime: 3:22

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Mahle: Bearing Corrosion

Bill discusses cause and prevention of corrosion on race bearings. Runtime: 2:30

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Mahle: Understanding Bearing Coatings

Bill helps you understand bearing coatings. Runtime: 3:43

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Mahle: Bearing Cavitation

Bill explains what bearing cavitation looks like, how it is caused and how to control it. Runtime: 3:24

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Timken Tricks of the Trade – Lubricating Light Vehicle Axle Shafts

Did you know that excessive lubrication can be detrimental to the life of your hub assembly?

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Timken Tricks of the Trade – Finding Wheel Hub Torque Specs

Tips on axle nut torque specs and where to find them.

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Timken Tricks of the Trade – Seating Light Vehicle Axle Shafts

Have you ever had difficulty seating the axle shaft into your new hub assembly? There is a factory design feature to the axle shaft you...

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Timken Tricks of the Trade: Wheel End Bearing Removal Tips

Tips to help with removal and installation of wheel bearings.

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